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 How Voting Equipment varies in the US here

Why voting Matters

Alberto Pupo

Blog For Progress

Voting, This concept is the cornerstone of Democracy and a way for people to allow their voices to be heard. The ballot box is the ultimate expression of control by individuals in a free society. A ballot basically creates a contract between the voters and candidates, a contract for the individual to forge new policies and adopt ideas to further enhance and preserve a free and just society. More


 Time for the 99% To Seek Elected Office

Ben Donahawer

Political PackRat Blog

 To make a long story short, we're in desperate need of political leadership. The good news is that it's coming. There are occupiers in small towns and every major city in America who are taking a stand. Voters across the country sent a strong message in the last election that won't stand for turning back the clock on workers' rights or voting rights or  a variety of other issues. More

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