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Our Mission

Progressive Push is an independent non partisan national organization dedicated to improving American working families' quality of life through educating and encouraging progressive people of all ages to be local community activists and organizers. 

By putting, together political campaign staffs, and helping progressive candidates win elections we seek to create networks of elected progressive officials and activists willing to transform the political process in order to enact positive public policy and bring about social and economic justice. 

Government can be a positive force for change only if it led by dedicated responsible officials free from the corruptive influence of money. The Government should be transparent an a facilitator and a facilitator in peoples lives . Only then can it promote justice and fairness.

Progressive Push encourages young political activists to take the next step beyond helping others run for office by involving themselves in the political process as candidates themselves .

There is more to politics than election cycles, we invite activists to become precinct leaders, working 24/7 for their neighborhoods. 

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